See Victory

Seeing this way is all about trust. I want to walk more and more this way. All I need is enough courage to take the next step. Who wants to walk WITH me? Thanks, Jessie, for your words of challenge and encouragement!

A Life of Prayer

They say that “seeing is believing”. What if it’s by believing (first) that we actually begin to see?? Or, put another way, what if we can see it (in our minds eye) before we see it with our physical eyes?  That’s called faith, right? Or, as some have said, having eyes of faith.

I was struck recently by this verse in Psalm 92 (one of my faves):

“My eyes have seen the defeat of my adversaries;
    my ears have heard the rout of my wicked foes.” (Psalm 92:11)

That surprised me, because just a few verses before that, the writer says the Lord’s enemies “will be” defeated (v.9).

Now, before we go much further, we have to be clear, for our context and personal application, our “enemies”, “adversaries” and “foes” aren’t people, they are challenges, problems that are related to spiritual attack. Our struggle is not against people.  We fight against spiritual forces that…

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December 2012 Prayer Flashes

Here are some upcoming training and ministry coaching opportunities for this month:
1. Tuesday evenings: Neighborhood Bible Study (Haslett) – Sandy and I meet weekly with five neighbors (Ray & Angie, Tim & Denise, and Bobbie) who want to follow Jesus, together. We look forward to being with them each week. We’ve been working slowly through the Gospel of Luke together over the past two years, grappling over Jesus’ words & actions and doing life together. Please pray that we’ll be responsive to helping one another love God and love people as we depend on the Holy Spirit to do so.  
2. Wednesday mornings: East Lansing DLC – I meet weekly with my four disciplemaking friends (Paul Vogel, Ken Reeder, Clarence Underwood, and Mark Whalon) who desire to expand their disciplemaking influence and effectiveness. We look forward to being together each week. We’re grappling over the application of Scripture and doing life together using the “Disciplemaking is Relationships” workbook. All of them are ministry leaders who want to obey Jesus more fully in being disciples who make disciples, who make disciples. Please pray that we will be responsive to the Holy Spirit’s leading with our current and future disciplemaking friendships.

3. Thursday mornings: Men’s Life Transformation Group (Okemos) – I continue meeting with my four disciplemaking friends (Bob Crane, Christopher Thompson, Doug Cooper, and Mike Ruthruff). During the week we are committed to reading 25-30 chapters of Scripture and pray for the spiritually lost in our lives. When we meet we ask one another 11 character conversation questions that stimulate conversations of character and confession of sin in a safe environment. We value honesty, vulnerability, confidentiality, and grace. Please pray that we will help one another follow Jesus, together.

4. December 2: Millett Bible Baptist Church (Lansing) – Scott and I facilitated the monthly ROOTS study on disciplemaking. We engaged Pastor Randy Barton and some of his people (Rich, Miracle Joy, Justin, Nancy, Betty, Jeff and Niki) in dialogue on living a disciplemaking lifestyle. Our next time together with them is January 6. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will create an inner desire for choosing to live a disciplemaking lifestyle in the hearts of Pastor Randy and his people.

5. December 4: Regional Disciplemaking Leaders – Scott and I have been meeting for a few months now with a group of regional leaders (Tom Blaylock, Stephanie Butler, Mark Montgomery, and Mike Winter) to share what we’re learning about helping others make disciplemakers. Please pray that we’ll allow the Holy Spirit to guide our conversation and show us how we can help churches in the greater Lansing area with disciplemaking relationships.

6. December 4: Crossroads Church – Scott and I will be meeting with James Defrees (their youth minister) to help him with some next steps in implementing an Ephesians 4:11-12 approach to his youth ministry.  Please pray that we’ll mature in our dependence on the Holy Spirit to live out the implications of being equipped and equipping others to equip.

7. December 5: Trinity Church (Lansing) – Scott and I will be getting together with Allan Love (Pastor of Disciple Making) to encourage him and see how we can be a help to him. Please pray that we’ll mutually encourage one another.

8. December 6: Trinity Church True North Ministry (Lansing) – I have met two times with the True North lead team members to begin sharing what we’re learning about helping others live a disciplemaking lifestyle. Now, I’ll be sharing the simplicity of Jesus-like disciplemaking with their Seasoned Sportsmen. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will guide me in effectively sharing the simplicity of Jesus-like disciplemaking with these men.

9. December 17: Trinity “Test Drive” Disciplemaking Learning Community (DLC) – My five disciplemaking friends (Anne Cody, Belinda Lund Bjarki, Rex Alocilja, Stephanie Butler, and John Semler) and I gather monthly at Trinity Church to grapple over the application of Scripture and doing life together. Our focus will be the proliferation of ministry training based on Ephesians 4:11-12. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will cultivate a desire and commitment in each of us to live healthy disciplemaking lives and ministries together.

10. December 18-19: Empowerment Coaching Training (Grand Rapids) – Scott and I will be participating in a two-day training to improve our coaching skills. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will use this time to increase our effectiveness and sensitivity to the pastors and leaders we are coaching now and will be in the future.

11. Trinity Church Internationals Ministries (Lansing) – Scott and I continue to trust the Lord for opportunities to expand our relationship with Rex Alocilja and his ministry team leaders. Our upcoming opportunities for ministry coaching and the development of a bi-monthly DLC for his ministry team co-leaders will occur in January and February. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will instill Jesus’ desire that every disciple becomes a disciplemaker in these ministry leaders.

12. Frontline Bible Church (Byron Center, MI) – Scott and I will begin bi-weekly ministry coaching with Pastor John Lowder, beginning in mid-January. Please pray that we’ll be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading as we coach Pastor John to be an equipping leader.

13. Building my Support Team – Praise the Lord that my current monthly committed funding level has reached 30%. I continue to trust God to provide the funding for the equipping ministry He has called me to do.  Please pray that God will provide the necessary funding through His people. Also pray that I will be able to schedule 10 appointments this month to share my ministry and partnership opportunities.

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